Information and bookings

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Dear Guest, we ask that you take note of this Regulation and scrupulously abide by all rules.

Compliance with this regulation is mandatory and binding.
Failing that, we would be forced to terminate the stay.

- Upon arrival, please show the identity card of each person included in your reservation, for the compilation of Police documents , and it is also required to regularize the payment of the booking.
The deposit and the balance must be made by cash , only for special cases we accept credit card payments but 2% fee will be charged on top of the total amount of your stay.
- Please note that in case of early departure will not be refunded any amount.
- We do not accept luggages in custody.
- You will be required to pay compensation for any damage caused to the Bed and Breakfast.
- On the day of departure and / or days of Tuesday and Friday, you will need to vacate your room by 10.00 am to allow staff to do the cleaning of the premises.
- Breakfast is served from 8:30 to 10.00.
- The access to the B & B is permitted 24h/24h.
- You can not leave anything of any kind in the corridors and common areas. The Bed and Breakfast is not responsible for personal items left unattended.
- Smoking is prohibited inside the rooms and public areas of the Bed and Breakfast. Smoking is only allowed in the reserved area using the provided ashtrays.
- IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED USE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS. Access to the B & B will be denied to persons in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs.
- It is forbidden to consume food in the rooms.
- Do not use within the structure warmers, electric heaters, gas stoves and the like, as they can cause damage to the structure, people and things, to the exclusion of medical equipment, razors and baby equipment.
- For safety reasons, it is forbidden to sleep in the room friends, relatives or other persons who do not stay in Bed and Breakfast.
- From 22.00 to 8.00 and from 13.00 to 16.30 is required to observe the silence. In any case it must be always maintained a behavior that donít damage the tranquility of others.
- Within the structure must be avoided behaviors, activities, games, sounds and using equipment that could disturb other guests.
- Children must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
- Inside the Bed and Breakfast is compulsory to use clothing that is not responsive in any way violate the decency of others. It is mandatory to keep clean and tidy every room of the Bed and Breakfast.
- Take care to switch off lights, television and air conditioning before leaving the room.
- Take care of turning off the taps in the bathroom and please do not throw in the toilet and the sink objects that can block the pipes.
- The use of the jacuzzi it is permitted after a mandatory shower to avoid that sunscreens dirty water and debris clogging of sand filters.
Any legal dispute shall be referred to the court of Cagliari. The data processing data records provided to us will be treated in compliance with the obligations of confidentiality, based on Law No. 675/2006 and later.




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